What I’m Going Through.

MARCH 14, 2023

Birthday Reminiscing.

23 was the year I met myself for the first time….read more.

FEBRUARY 6, 2023

What Can We Learn From Trees?

Having patience when building this life for myself is no easy task…read more.

JANUARY 9, 2023.

A Moment for Reflection.

We usually focus our energy on learning how to be better, but then we miss an important piece of the journey…read more.

DECEMBER 25, 2022.

The Magic of Gratitude.

There is so much in this world to be grateful for, and yet we are fundamentally built to focus on the negative….read more.

DECEMBER 13, 2022.

I’m Lonely and It’s Okay.

We often think about loneliness as a bad thing–something we should try to avoid at all costs...read more.

DECEMBER 5, 2022.

Who am I when I’m just myself?

Over a year since I graduated, and I still struggle with the loss of my academic identity...read more.

NOVEMBER 28, 2022.

Home Sweet Tel Aviv.

I felt so disconnected from my life in Israel, I considered staying home…read more.

OCTOBER 15, 2022.

I don’t know.

I thought I knew exactly how my life would play out…read more.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2022.

When home doesn’t feel like home.

I wrote a draft that was so depressing…read more.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2022.

An open letter to Israel.

Thank you for the friendships, the laughs, the trips, the beach days…read more.

JUNE 28, 2022.

Bye, Bat Yam.

There were many factors that led to my decision to leave my apartment in Bat Yam. I knew that when I faced my feelings…read more.

MAY 24, 2022.

Jewish pride.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a perfect display of the strength and resilience of the Jewish people, all you have to do is spend a few weeks in Israel during…read more.

MARCH 29-APRIL 24, 2022.

“Are you safe?”

Some semi-unfiltered thoughts thoughts I’ve recorded throughout the recent string of terror attacks in Israel…read more.

MARCH 28, 2022.

To share, or not to share.

I’ve missed writing this blog. I’ve missed the joys of the creative writing process. So why haven’t I posted in almost 3 months?…read more.

DECEMBER 14, 2021.

My decision to make aliyah (become a citizen of Israel) at the end of my Masa program feels easy in a lot of ways…read more.

DECEMBER 7, 2021.

Yallah, let’s roadtrip.

Gratitude is really powerful. It’s cheesy and cringey, but it’s also beautiful and magical. Our ambitious Hanukkah roadtrip left me numerous moments of gratitude…read more.

NOVEMBER 20, 2021.

More questions than answers.

I’ve spent years trying to figure out my opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…read more.

NOVEMBER 15, 2021.

Learning through mistakes.

During the first week of school, the janitor told me a long story in Hebrew. I didn’t understand a word of it, even with the hand gestures…read more.

OCTOBER 31, 2021.

Grieving from across the world.

No matter how many times I struggled to write this post, it didn’t feel right. I thought maybe this was just too raw…read more.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021.

Faith in strangers.

I could tell this story in two ways. In one, I am cynical and angry at the people who stole from me. In the other, I see the beauty of humanity…read more.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2021.

New place, same old me.

I’ve come to learn and accept that I am, in fact, an introvert. There will always be that part of me that needs to take a step back…read more.

AUGUST 23, 2021.

The beginning.

I kept waiting for the nerves to hit. For it to finally set in that I am truly about to live in a foreign country for ten months, but it never did…read more.